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Short mockumentary 2015, 10min, HD, Stereo, Color

During the shooting of a B movie a shot gun fires by misstake causing the DoP to freak out. A mockumentary written by Johannes Nyholm from original script “The Kill”, written by Desirée Nordlund.


“You are handling dangerous toys little man.”

“You can’t come on to a set and fuck it up like that!”

“Remember Pizza Hut?”

The Pros sets the fictional event of a filmshooting that goes awkwardly wrong, mocking the imitation of action films and Hollywood dreams in commercial productions where the budget do not match the ambitions of the creators.

Lenght: 10 min.

CAST (in order of appearance):
The actress: Karin de Frumerie
The actor: Leif Edlund
The “Weapons coordinator”: Niclas Fransson

The Angry D.O.P: Dick Pope

The director: Cecilia Torquato de  Oliveira

Sandra: Sandra Carlsson

Members of the crew as “the crew”.


Directed by: Cecilia Torquato de Oliveira
Story by: Johannes Nyholm
Scriptwriter: Johannes Nyholm – script developed from original script
written by Desirée Nordlund (“The Kill”, winner of Go-Kinema competition)

Producer: Paul Blomgren Do Van

D.o.P: Dick Pope

Production Manager: Cecilia Svärd

Casting: Stina Erlindersson

FAD: Sandra Carlsson

Script Supervisor: Christina Bredelius

Production designer: Christian Olander

Art Director: Sandra Aldell

Gaffer: Isabelle Dahlen

Costume Designer: Anna-Maria Ivstedt

Hair designer: Jennie Schubert

Sound Technician: Henrik Norberg

Editor: Gunnar Jönsson

Sound Editor/Mix: Erik Bjerknes

Composer: Sveinung Nygaard

Colorist: Hector Mora Martinez

VFX Supervisor: Marcus Hindberg

Stunt coordinator: Martin Zetterlund

Weapons coordinator: Janne Lindqvist

A Go-Kinema Open Set production by Gothenburg Studios.