2002, 56min, DVCAM, Stereo, Color.

From one side of town to the other, a gas truck interlaces people’s lives in a Brazilian metropole. A boy loses all his money and gets in trouble while hanging out with a group of street kids. A couple of lovers spend their last afternoon together. A gas vendor buys a ring for his girlfriend to prevent her from moving abroad. A girl gets molested outside school and decides to never tell it to anyone. Each of them has a problem to solve, a decision to make, a life to get along with. Rich or poor: they have to survive the day.


Lenght: 56 min.

Released 2002/examfilm Sweden

Dialogue: portuguese

Subtitles: English and Swedish


Thomas: Paulo André

Vera: Cristina Cortez

Juarez: Cláudio Dias

Juarez Companion: Fabiano Silva

Mother: Ana Régis

Wladimir: Kélisson Ricardo Gomes

Antônia: Luiza Giuzio Pádua


Director, scriptwriter: Cecilia Torquato de Oliveira

Cinematography: Cecilia Torquato de Oliveira

Production manager: Luciana Corrêa

production designer: Arioc Tescari

Music (original score): Barral Lima and Ronaldo Gino (Serrasonica)

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Gothenburg International Film Festival 2003 (Sweden)

Nordisk Panorama 2003 (Denmark)

Cine Esquema Novo 2003 (Porto Alegre – Brazil)

Palácio das Artes 2003 (Art Gallery Belo Horizonte – Brazil)