2023, 08min, HD, Stereo, Color.

Kaspar (5) gets a camera from his father and he starts discovering the world through its lenses. But at his mothers house he captures far more than his own play, exposing things she would rather not tell anyone. Every Other Week, Mother is a bittersweet short film that makes the audience experience the viewpoint of a small child dealing with a divorce and one of the parent’s fluctuating moods.


In the film the mother shifts from happy to angry to sad and the kid has to navigate through her confusing states of mind. The camera becomes his eyes, with no filter, and the spectator is invited to put together the puzzle of guilt, stress and helplessness arising from her actions and reactions towards him..

A curiosity about the film is that the protagonists (the mother and the kid) did not act together; and the kid didn’t film anything. After studying the way small children uses a camera to play, I let my (quite heavy) camera behave the same way. Most of the boy’s acting was recorded in the sound.


Work in progress (premiere 2023)