Cecilia Torquato de Oliveira is a Swedish-Brazilian artist, filmmaker and scriptwriter based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Her works focus on the narratives of the self and the rhetoric’s of power. Her fiction films often portray human vulnerability in relation to the character’s socio-economic position in a cityscape, all captured with a poetic and sensual camerawork. With a refined sense of humor, most of her films show how status shift depending on the environment and the game of power within relationships.

Within fiction, I like to work with an ensemble, making different stories intertwine, leaving space for the viewer to put together a bigger puzzle of who the characters are. I am fascinated by how much we keep from each other and this social game, how differently we act depending on who we are interacting with. When we finally expose what makes us most vulnerable, that’s when we gain power.

Between the years of 2012-2019 she worked as a senior lecturer at the masters at Valand Academy, in Sweden. She has also held courses at Nordland Kunst og-filmhøgskole in Norway.

To get full curriculum vitae, please contact: info@kvarteretproduktion.se